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Our Services

At LimerickDataRecovery we offer specialised hard drive data recovery services.
Our data recovery team are experts in the following areas of data recovery:

  • All makes and models of computer hard drives serviced
  • Internal and External Hard Drive Recovery
  • Missing or Deleted Files Recovered Recover missing or deleted files.
  • Recover data after formatting drive by mistake.
  • Repair of Dead or Crashed Hard Drives Recover from dead or crashed hard drives.
  • Repair of USB Flash Drives, soldering broken connections in USB Drive.
  • Recover Files & Data from USB Flash Drives

We specialize in all types of computer crashes and offer expert technical assistance for such disasters as:

  • Overvoltage damage by Lightning or by plugging in the wrong charger.
  • Damage due to Liquid Spill or Flooding or any water damage to hard drive.
  • Infections from Viruses and Other Malicious Software.
  • Physical Damage Due to a Knock or Fall
  • Physically Broken or Mistakenly Formatted USB Memory Sticks and hard drives.

If your hard drive has crashed and you urgently need your critical data recovered, then you’ve come to the right place. We can help recover your lost or missing files and have you back in action in little or no time.

Our Clients