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Server Data Recovery

LimerickDataRecovery recover data from all server types.
 Main reasons of Server RAID data loss:
  • Damaged RAID Configuration
  • Faulty Software or Faulty Operating System Upgrade
  • Clicking Drive
  • Damaged Striping
  • Corrupt Partition Table
  • Drive Not Booting
  • Missing File Directory
  • Inaccessible Drive
  • RAID Controller Failure
  • Rebuild RAID Failure
  • Formatted Drive
  • Multiple Hard Drive failure
  • Fire or Flood Damage
LimerickDataRecovery understands the importance and critical nature of these types of system failures. LimerickDataRecovery trained technicians can recover lost data from faulty Servers and in most cases can have you back in business within 1 or 2 days
Most RAID systems are designed to safeguard against total failure, but if failed drives are not replaced then total failure may occur.
If more than one drive fails then a data recovery of each failed drive is necessary to rebuild the raid system. The recovery of data from each individual failed drive requires specialised data recovery which is not cheap to purchase. The cost of this equipment is the main reason for the cost of raid data recovery.
LimerickDataRecovery have invested in this equipment and have invested greatly in the training of data recovery techniques.

In case of a RAID Server failure turn off the system:

  • Contact LimerickDataRecovery at 061 418384
  • The drives are arranged in a certain order within the machine, please do not take them out or mix them up.
  • Do not run repair programs because they generally cause more damage.
  • The more damage there is the longer it will take to recover.
  • Do not replace the failed drive with a drive that was part of a previous RAID system.
  • If attempting to restore to a backup, the restore should always be from a secondary system, never the failed system. Do not use drives that were a part of the failed system.
  • If you are unsure that your RAID/Server is functioning properly after a failure event, do not attempt any future repair!!