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Desktop Data Recovery

The hard drive in the desktop is the device which stores the operating system of the computer and your files.  The Limerick Desktop hard drive can go faulty for many reasons.  The level of damage dictates the difficulty of Desktop hard drive file recovery.  It may be totally lost or it may be recoverable.  We first diagnose the condition of the faulty hard drive at a non refundable cost of E50.  After the diagnostic report we quote you the cost of file recovery.  The quote is based on the level of damage to the hard drive and the subsequent amount of work which we have to do to recover your lost files. You then decide whether we should proceed with the recovery or to abort.

If the faulty hard drive is mildly damage we can recover a full image of the operating system, your programs and your data.  We can then image the recovered data to a new hard drive, repair the system and put the new drive back into your desktop. Typical cost of this recovery is 300+vat.

In more severe cases we need to carry out surgical repair to the inside of the faulty desktop drive in our clean room.  Sometimes it is possible to then recover a full image of programs and data.   Other times it is better to just recover the data and to import the recovered data onto a clean operating system on a new hard drive.  The recovery cost for this work varies from 500 to 1,500.  The cost cannot be predicted before we run diagnostics on the faulty Limerick desktop drive.

To repair a physically damaged limerick desktop hard drive requires careful repair in our clean room.  We are equipped with the necessary tools.  We have an experienced Engineers who works on data recovery full time.

Bring or ship the hard drive or the complete computer to us.