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USB External Hard Drives Data Recovery

We recover USB external hard drives.

The ease of recovery depends on the type of fault. Limerick data recovery will analyse the USB External drive and see what needs to be done to recover the USB external drive data.

Once drives are damaged in any way they are only repairable for a short while. For enough time to be able to recover the data and put it onto another drive.

Bad Sectors: Generally caused by rough handling. May be recoverable using data recovery machine. has equipment which will read data where a normal computer fails.

Hard drive falls to floor. Reading Heads damaged, requires surgery and new heads.

Warning: Reading brave stories on the internet and attempting amatuer recovery reduces your chances of recovery. The damaged heads will scratch the surface of the platters and where there is a scratch the underlying data will be deleted. The sooner you bring this type of faulty usb external drive to limerickdata

PCB faulty, electronics faulty. In some cases we can troubleshoot the Printed Circuit Board, find the fault and change the parts to make the PCB work again. In other PCB fault situations the PCB will need to be change completely. Selecting the replacement PCB requires experience. In some cases the ROM chip on the PCB which contains the lapout of the stored data on the platters needs to be moved from the faulty PCB to the new PCB. In addition the firmware on the PCB need to be updated to make the new PCB work. This type of work is best done by experienced personnel with the proper tools and equipment.

When we receive a USB external drive for recovery we require a deposit of 50 euro. We analyse the drive on our data recovery machine and then we quote you the cost of recovery. When you bring the drive to our counter or if you phone us for a quote we are not able to ascertain the cost until we have the diagnostics completed.