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Other Types of Data Recovery

We recover all types of data

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In general CD/DATA lasts more than 40 years. The length of time depends on the environment it is exposed to. Temperature and humidity can affect the data life of CDs and DVDs. Exposure to sunlight can reduce the lifetime of CDs and DVDs. The ulta violet light can affect the data.

Floppy drives

We can read the data from old and new floppy drives and we can transfer the data to another media.

Tapes used for data backup

If you have data stored on tapes for which you no longer have the tape drive you can email us the type of tape you have and we can check if we have a drive to suit that tape. We could transfer the data to a USB memory stick or an external usb drive.

Video tapes

Digital data is stored on video tapes in 1s and 0s ( ones and zeros) Over time the 1s degrade to zeros until eventually all the 1s degrade and the data is not longer valid.